Mapping the Gap in Urban Food: 2021 This project maps the production-consumption gap of an urban food system: an empirical case study of food security and resilience. (Paul D. Jensen1 & Caroline Orfila1 Received: 11 August 2020 / Accepted: 10 January 2021 published online: 08 February 2021). 

Future Food Procurement: 2020 This report, a collaboration between FoodWise Leeds, the University of Leeds, Lancaster University and FoodFutures (North Lancashire’s Sustainable Food Network), explores the role that anchor institutions can play in creating a better food system – one that underpins local food economies and the health of the earth’s ecosystems..

Leeds Food Policy Brief: 2020 This project emerged from work with The Leeds Climate Commission Resilience Working Group in 2018-20. The first workshop, ‘Enabling a climate resilient food system in Leeds that promotes health, sustainability and food security’, took place in December 2019, with a second ”Pathway for a climate-resilient, healthy and sustainable Leeds Food System’ in September 2020.. 

Leeds Food Audit: 2016 This project was commissioned by Leeds City Council and carried out by Feed Leeds. It led to the creation of the Leeds Food Partnership, later rebranded as FoodWise Leeds.

References (Leeds Food System)