FoodWise Leeds is a city-wide campaign managed by Leeds Food Partnership which aims to unify, promote and celebrate the people, projects, organisations and businesses that deliver good food work across Leeds.

It addresses the growing problems of health inequality – especially malnutrition, obesity and food insecurity – while supporting local food businesses and reducing environmental damage in the production, trade and consumption of food – with a strong emphasis on the reduction of food waste. FoodWise Leeds also celebrates good food by promoting food growing, as well as developing cooking skills and the enjoyment of eating healthy food.

FoodWise Leeds is driven by an Action Group with representatives from across the food system that lead, or directly contribute to, the campaigns and projects in the Leeds Food Action Plan by promoting the adoption of the Leeds Food Charter, which shares the vision of food in Leeds and sets out a number of goals to help us all address food related issues.

“People of Leeds should have reliable access to sufficient, appropriate, and healthy food, which is safe, affordable and sustainably sourced.”

The Constitution is available here:

Management Group:

Name (Organisation)Role and Responsibility
Sat Mann (Lean Lunch)Chair (Board member)
Lead on Food Business Engagement
Kevin McKay (Food Revival / Rethink Food)Vice Chair (Board member)
Food Revival CIC and Rethink Food.
Professor Les Firbank (University of Leeds)(Board member) Lead on Environment, Sustainability and Agriculture
Andrew Critchett (Ground Up)Ex Chair
Food Business Engagement
Sonja Woodcock* (SFC Coordinator)Admin / Secretariat. Facilitates development, sets and agrees goals and actions, monitors delivery against agreed goals and actions
Emma Strachan (LCC Public Health)Lead on Health and Wellbeing (link to LCC Adult and Health Directorate)
Karen Hampshire (LCC Catering Leeds)Lead on Catering
Adam Ogilvie (Feeds Leeds and Meanwood Valley Urban Farm)Lead on Food Growing
Dave Paterson (Leeds Food Aid Network)Lead on Food Poverty
Tom Bliss (Leeds Beckett and Feed Leeds)Comms and Productive Green Spaces
Gareth Batty (Fareshare Yorkshire)Support and provide solutions re food insecurity. Representing network of 70+ Leeds groups using food. Bringing national learning & solutions to local issues.
Siobhan Jennings (LCC Health and Wellbeing Service)Lead on food and healthy eating in schools (including food policy), shares relevant information with schools.
Professor Caroline Orfila (University of Leeds Lead on Food Science

*funded by Sustainable Food Cities and the University of Leeds / N8 Agrifood project. FoodWise Leeds is supported by Leeds City Council.

FoodWise Leeds is a member of Sustainable Food Cities, a national network of cities and localities that are developing cross-sectoral partnerships to bring about healthy and sustainable food systems. Leeds Food Partnership recently achieved the SFC bronze award for delivering a joined-up holistic approach to food work across the City. 

The organisation was initiated in 2016 by three parties; Leeds City Council, the University of Leeds and Feed Leeds (which continues to champion food growing and related activities as a Partner Member), along with numerous food organisations across Leeds, to promote a new strategic approach to sustainable, healthy and affordable food in the city.