Food Resilience Toolkit

Food Resilience Toolkit

In Leeds, we want to provide people with pathways to food independence, whatever their situation.

FoodWise Leeds has collaborated with food aid providers to co-produce the Building Food Resilience Toolkit. This Toolkit offers practical help to frontline workers, volunteers and organisations providing or looking to provide food aid to people experiencing food insecurity. 

It provides an overview of options available for people who require support to access food, and signposting advice to help organisations in Leeds explore people’s longer-term food options and deliver effective food aid provision.

The Building Food Resilience Toolkit is divided into three sections:

  1. Food aid provision and resilience
  2. Signposting to services that can offer support
  3. Information for food aid providers.

The Toolkit seeks to establish a city-wide approach on how to provide compassionate, practical support to people experiencing food insecurity and aims to build resilience, so recipients are less likely to need support in the future.

Our Toolkit contains advice on emergency and crisis support and helps create pathways to independence