Leeds Recipe Hub Launches!

FoodWise Leeds have announced the launch of a new recipe hub, in collaboration with Leeds City Council, the University of Leeds and Climate Action Leeds.

Leeds Recipe Hub has been a long time ambition to support Leeds communities to share their wealth of knowledge and experience of cooking.

This hub is for everyone – individuals, families, community groups, organisations and food businesses – to share recipes with others, recipes by Leeds and for Leeds.

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It builds on previous work and resources to support individuals and community groups to access and try simple, nutritious and affordable recipes. Within this online peer-to-peer learning space, photographs, quotes and other information are all included to help share real stories about real food


We believe this is the first recipe hub to include a carbon calculation for each recipe added. The calculations have been made using the Carbon Footprint Calculator from the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) at University of Leeds.

We have provided the information to help build understanding and to support further conversations around the sustainability and carbon impact of the food we eat.

By making small changes to what we eat, while maintaining a nutritious and balanced diet, we can make big differences to our individual carbon footprint. For example, by choosing seasonal and/or locally grown veg and fruit where possible.

Check out BDA’s simple tips for a sustainable and balanced diet here.

To find out more about the Carbon Footprint Calculator, contact info@cdrc.ac.uk.

From here, we plan to continue growing the diversity of recipes and promoting it within local communities and programmes across Leeds. To #SearchTryShare recipes, check out the Leeds Recipe Hub here.

“This is a fantastic resource for community groups and individuals to be able to search, try and share nutritious, affordable and tasty recipes, with a focus on seasonal eating. Each recipes carbon footprint will help people make informed decisions about what they eat and help protect the planet.”

Sonja Woodcock, Sustainable Food Places Coordinator at FoodWise Leeds.

Leeds Recipe Hub Partners:

Leeds Recipe Hub has been funded by Leeds City Council.