Leeds Food Action Plan


FoodWise Leeds is working across all aspects of the food system to address pressing social, environmental and economic issues. The Leeds Food Action Plan sets out six key areas we’re focussing on to help our city achieve the Sustainable Food Places Silver Award.


1. Food governance and strategy

We’re taking a collective approach to good food governance. By partnering with local authorities, universities and other food charities, we’re strategically working to increase food security and inspiring communities to take positive action for themselves and for the planet, starting with what they eat.

2. Building a good food movement

Through our campaigns, projects, research and events, we’re building public awareness, promoting active food citizenship and building a local food movement that encourages FoodWise thinking to transform Leeds into a happier, healthier city.

3. Healthy food for all

No one should be denied access to a nutritious diet. We’re tackling food poverty and diet-related ill-health by increasing access to affordable, wholesome food and educating individuals, food businesses and other organisations on ways to improve diets. From encouraging food growing to sharing recipes and advising on catering, we’re passionate about promoting a healthy diet.

4. Sustainable food economy

Leeds deserves a vibrant, prosperous and diverse sustainable food economy. We’re supporting food businesses with toolkits and advice on ways to raise the bar when it comes to healthy eating and planet-friendly practices. By encouraging more people to shop locally, we’re boosting the local economy to improve Leeds’ food system for all.

5. Catering and procurement

Buy local, serve local. We’re increasing food security by transforming Leeds’ catering and procurement system and revitalising food chain supplies. By sourcing more of the food sold in our city from Yorkshire and the surrounding counties, we’re aiming to halve the carbon footprint of all the meals served in Leeds by 2030.

6. Food for the planet

Our meals shouldn’t cost the earth. We’re tackling the climate emergency by promoting fair and sustainable farming and putting an end to food waste. Our work encourages people to be more mindful of the food they consume, to source produce from local growers where possible and to give the good life a go, by learning to grow their own.


Whether you’re keen to reduce your food waste, learn some new healthy recipes, or start buying locally grown produce, we’re asking individuals, food businesses and local organisations to take action and become FoodWise. If we work together, we can all help Leeds to achieve a Silver Sustainable Food Places Award.