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Even top chefs once had to learn the basics of cookery. Food Wise Leeds brings you lots of resources and recipes that will take you from nervous novice to confident cook.

Cooking is a valuable life skills which can help you to eat healthier by knowing exactly what you have added into each meal or snack. In a UK survey of 2000 residents, learning to cook was rater as the fifth most important life skill for modern living (the highest non-tech skill) following ‘searching the internet,’ ‘operating a mobile phone,”connecting WiFi’ and ‘mastering online banking’, which means we are looking for hints and tips to improve our cooking skills.

Top tips for cooking wise:

  •  Make a plan, write down the meals you will cook and the ingredients you will need
  • Try making simple changes to your existing meals like adding more fruit and vegetables or reducing the amount of salt, fat and sugar used
  • Ask for help, cooking can be a really good activity that all the family can be involved in
  • Look for new recipes online and explore YouTube and other videos that can break down the simple steps to make a range of different meals
  • Start from a few basic ingredients to build your cooking confidence and then start to develop a basic store cupboard of spices, sauces and herbs

If you would like some help with cooking, One You Leeds offers a service to anyone in Leeds who would like to learn how to cook. The service offers the Ministry of Food programme, a practical, fun, hands on course that will helps people learn how to cook healthy meals from scratch. You can contact the service via the website or call them on 0800 169 4219 to make an appointment.

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Here are some great recipes to get you started:

Recipe book 1

Tasty Budget meals

Recipe book 2

Traditional meal makeovers

Here are some more resources to help with cooking:

5 A DAY – cupboard ingredients


What’s in Season

Are you looking to start a cooking project, below is the Eatwell Forums Cooking consensus and good practice guide to help support the delivery of cooking skills projects. These resources have been developed by many organisations across Leeds to share their experience, hints and tips:

Cookery Course – Good Practice Guide

Let’s work together to keep cooking skills alive!