Leeds Food Policy Brief

On 22nd of September, Tom Bliss and Sonja Woodcock from FoodWise Leeds (also Feed Leeds), together with Dr Paola Sakai (University of Leeds) and Andy Goldring (Permaculture Assn), submitted a Policy Brief to the Climate Emergency Advisory Committee of Leeds City Council. The brief was informed by two workshops initiated by Tom and Paola as members of The Leeds Climate Commission Resilience Working Group. The first, “Enabling a climate resilient food system in Leeds that promotes health, sustainability and food security”, took place in December 2019. It was hosted by LCC Leader Cllr Judith Blake and Professor Tim Benton of UoL and Chatham House and facilitated by Andy Goldring. The second ”A pathway for a climate-resilient, healthy and sustainable Leeds Food System”, also facilitated by Andy, took place in September 2020. Both workshops built on previous research by Feed Leeds, FoodWise Leeds and the Permaculture Association. The brief was well-received, and follow-up meetings are on-going, with further workshops planned.

The Policy Brief can be downloaded here – with further information on our Research page.

video of the presentation can be viewed here (the item begins after one hour):

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