Leeds Cookery School Ready to Go!

Today the Leeds Cookery School ran a test session prior to reopening for classes next week. As a member of staff I was invited to attend the session as they ran through all the social distancing measures that have been put in place. Individual work stations have been clearly laid out and the cookery staff were separated via counters and workstations. Despite the social distancing measures, the chefs were able to clearly demonstrate the cooking techniques and created an enjoyable and interactive experience. They’ve clearly put a lot of thought into this and it worked really well.

Today we made two delicious vegan curry dishes: aubergine dhansak and spinach, chickpea and potato curry. All the ingredients were beautifully set out on trays at each station, and we each worked with our own equipment. The chefs shared lots of tips and information about the ingredients and It was a really enjoyable class and I’m looking forward to dinner tonight!

The Leeds Cookery School reopens next week. Be sure to book on to one of their many classes.

All profits go to support Zest Leeds, a local charity supporting people living in disadvantaged areas of Leeds.

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