Being Food Wise Campaign – June and July 2020

food rainbow SHBeing Food Wise campaign launched…..

Since the  lockdown was announced to control the spread of Covid-19, almost everyone in the UK has experienced some effect on what and how they eat. Restaurants have closed and free time at home has increased. Meanwhile, many people have less money to spend after losing income, and some foods have become harder to find in shops due to stockpiling and stretched supply. In response to some of the local challenges people in Leeds are experiencing when eating, cooking and shopping the “Being Food Wise” campaign has been launched to get people talking, sharing and to provide support to help us all eat, cook and shop well! For more information on the campaign visit the Being Food Wise tab.

Working together we can help Leeds – Be Food Wise!

Food Wise Leeds campaigns brief FINAL

Food Wise campaign messages FINAL

Join us in offering your support!

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