Food Action Plan Consultation goes Live!

This is an exciting time, as the Leeds Food Partnership gets ready to launch a Food Action Plan for Leeds – and we need your help, please!

A Food Action Plan provides a framework of actionable goals that will help to build a stronger and more sustainable local food system for the city. Ours uses the 6 principles listed in the Leeds Food Charter as a way of sectioning the Plan.

It will be out for consultation from Tuesday 17th April to Tuesday 15th May, and we need individuals, organisations and businesses to please contribute, to make sure it’s a true representation of all the fantastic food work that’s happening across Leeds, and to tell us what areas we still need to work on.

Please use the action plan Consultation Questions to share your feedback with us.

Together we can do it the Leeds way!


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2 Responses to Food Action Plan Consultation goes Live!

  1. Barry Ewart says:

    Overall I think the strategy is on the correct lines but more donations may be forthcoming if the narrative on welfare can be changed, cuts to benefits seem to be the main cause of food poverty in Leeds but whilst welfare for ordinary people seems to be under attack (and tragically has the support from significant numbers amongst the public) corporate welfare gets £93b billion per year in tax subsidies (the equivalent of £3,500 from each household) and for the wealthy there are 1,000 tax reliefs plus tax evasion by the rich is £120b a year so we need a counter narrative which accepts the need for decent benefits for all and one which may also encourages more public and company generosity and compasion. In practical terms I support the aims of the strategy but in 2. a significant number of working people are time poor, and tired when they come home from work and with families, ready made oven meals may be the simplest option BUT WE HAVE NO SAY IN THE CONTENT such as fat, sugar etc. and I would argue for a healthier diet we need legislation (voluntarism does not work). 4. I am also interested in edible gardens and perhaps organisations like Grow Wild could be utilised see so these are widespread in the local community. 6. Plus support for less plastic and more sustainable packaging when absolutely necessary. Sorry for late and brief comments but only saw consultation last Thursday.


  2. Tom Bliss says:

    Thanks Barry – you make some good points. The edible gardens side of LFP mostly happens through Feed Leeds ( We know Grow Wild well. They are fairly narrowly targeted in terms of support, but there are lots of other initiatives available. There is an event about plastics in Chapel Allerton tomorrow if you are interested, and Feed Leeds meets on Thursday evening, again in Chapel Allderton, but up the road at Further North. Tom


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