Food Coordinator Appointed

On 24th of May, three very strong candidates were interviewed for the post of Food Coordinator, funded by Sustainable Food Cities and University of Leeds N8 Agrifood Group. All three candidates had a great deal to offer and it would have been perfect if we could have hired all three, but we’re delighted to announce that the successful candidate was current Feed Leeds Chair; Sonja Woodcock.

This is a major milestone in a journey that started at the very first Feeds Leeds meeting in 2012, was driven forward initially by Dr Chiara Tornaghi, then by Andy Goldring, Nigel Jones, Tom Bliss, Professor Les Firbank and above all Sonja herself – so this is a fitting reward for some very hard work on her part over the past 18 months. Sonja will start working 2.5 days per week at the beginning of July, and will be based at Zest Health for Life – soon to be housed in the old Fire Station in Gipton.

One of Sonja’s early tasks will be to complete the evolution of the Leeds Food Partnership into a fully independent organisation, of which Feed Leeds will be but one member (the one that represents food growers and those with related activities), rather than the host. She will also begin to develop the Partnership. If you would like to become a Partner, please start by joining our Linkedin Group

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