IFDA Forum: Leeds: Past, Present and Progress (Food)


This year the Independent Food and Drink Academy (IFDA) will deliver the IFDA Forum 2017, as series of four events will take place across the City. The events have been carefully designed by Thom Hetherington and will provide the sector with a holistic, dynamic learning experience, hearing from some of the UK’s sector experts.

The first of four IFDA Forum events, we will start with taking a look at Leeds Food and Drink sector.
What are Leeds’ USPs and who or what are the key organisations or individuals in the local food and drink ecology? Where is Leeds going, what does it need and where are the opportunities for food and drink entrepreneurs?

It is too easy for regional cities to become introspective and inward-looking, so for Leeds to build on its strengths it must be honest about its limiting factors, aware of its strengths, open to opportunities, and it must benchmark against comparable cities at home and abroad look to outside voices for inspiration and innovation.

Jamie Campbell, CGA Peach
Lucy Noone, Allied London
Martin Wolstencroft, Arc Inspirations
Duncan Pitfield, D&D London

Date: Tuesday 25 April
The Tetley, Hunslet Road, Leeds, LS10 1JQ

After the event the lobby will be open for drinks until 11pm.

This event is free to members, please enter your code once you have selected the ticket.

To become a member and get all four events for free, please visit the IFDA website.

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