Help test Leeds based food waste app

YellowLabel is an app developed by one of our partner organisations at University of Leeds.

It allows consumers to prevent food waste and save money in the process by advertising the ‘Yellow Label’ goods that you see in supermarkets that have a new reduced price.

These ‘end of shelf life’ goods will be thrown away if left unsold. Through the mobile app, you can login, and see all the ‘Yellow Label’ goods in your local area. Then all you need to do then is go to the shop and buy the item. You have prevented food waste, and saved on your shopping. Simple!

The YellowLabel App Beta Test will be running from 20th March – 26th March, and will feature stores from all around Leeds, from the city centre to Headingley. If you regularly shop in stores like Morrisons, Sainsbury, and Tesco, this beta gives you a perfect opportunity to see how your shopping could be revolutionised in the near future.

To become part of one of the most exciting startups in the UK, simply go to their Facebook page: Here you can find all the information needed, and a link to sign up to be part of the test in the pinned post.

Yellow Label Technology was started by Richard, Toma, and Sam, graduates from the University of Leeds. They won the Deloitte Business challenge in 2015, and shortly after joined the University Spark Incubator. Their journey has taken us to Milan, London, and Berlin, and they are now finally able to bring you this beta test.

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