Leeds Food Audit Report – next steps?

See the full report and comment here: https://leedsfoodpartnership.wordpress.com/

Feed Leeds has completed the Audit of the Leeds food system that was commissioned by Leeds City Council in February 2016 as part of LCC’s progress towards a new strategic approach to food.

As required, the 72 page report is structured around Sustainable Food Cities’ Key Food issues:

1. Promoting  healthy  and  sustainable  food  to  the  public

2. Tackling  food  poverty,  diet-‐related  ill  health  and  access  to  affordable  healthy food

3. Building  community  food  knowledge,  skills,  resources  and  project

4. Promoting  a  vibrant  and  diverse  sustainable  food  economy

5. Transforming  catering  and  food  procurement

6. Reducing  waste  and  the  ecological  footprint  of  the  food  system

It also introduces  four new Themes  to provide a second axis of assessment:

A. Health  and  Wellbeing

B. Social  Sustainability

C. Economic/Employment

D. Environment,  Green  House  Gases  (GHG)  and  Pollution.



One of the Next Steps outlined in the report suggests that Leeds should run the CPRE Mapping Local Food Webs Toolkit. If LCC are not able to fund this, alternative funding might be found. The chief advantage would be engagement with parts of the Leeds Food System, including some LCC departments, who have to date remained elusive.

Please visit this website and comment below.


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