Food, Global Justice and the UK – 15 07 15 Leeds Civic Hall 7:00pm

Food, Global Justice and the UK
Wednesday 15th July 2015 in Leeds Civic Hall at 7:00pm
Geoff Tansey will be speaking on “Food, Global Justice and the UK”

Hosted by Café Economique…

Geoff is an honorary research fellow in the Department of Peace Studies at Bradford University and at the Centre for Rural Economy, Newcastle University. In the late 1980s / early 1990s he was an honorary visiting fellow at the Food Policy Research Unit at the University of Bradford.

From 1996-99, he was honorary visiting professor of food policy at Leeds Metropolitan University.

He has co-written or co-edited books including : “The Food System: a Guide” (with Tony Worsley) and “The future control of food – A guide to international negotiations and rules on intellectual property, biodiversity and food security”.

Here is a brief extract from Geoff Tansey’s website:

“Food is at the heart of the key challenge facing humanity – creating sustainable, healthy ways in which everyone can have sufficient sustenance, in diverse communities that peacefully cooperate with each other.

“Choices about how we feed ourselves this century are also choices about what kind of future we humans want, in the face of unprecedented challenges from climate change.”

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