Food Revival is a not for profit community interest company (CIC).  It is a community of volunteers, staff, families, supporters and suppliers of food who are all committed to reducing food waste, whether that be in production or in distribution or in retail selling.

​For the past six years, people in Leeds and Bradford have been able to benefit from how Food Revival uses surplus food, via Food Revival’s delivery of food, as well as education packages about sustainability to be used in schools.

There’s the Revival Market Hall, which is run on a pay as you feel basis, and there is the support for health holiday programmes in the City.  In addition, food is supplied to pay as you feel cafes in Leeds and to other waste food projects.

Food Revival operates a family friendly Revival Food Box Project, each box containing a variety of food for four people for a whole week.

Food Revival Catering is yet another arm of activity which operates in an environmentally friendly way.

​Currently there’s a fundraising campaign to raise money for refrigeration, so that even more food can be saved and used to help others.  If you would like to contribute, here’s the link.

Whilst Food Revival doesn’t charge for food, donations of money, your time or your skills are always welcome, because the food has to be collected, sorted, stored and delivered, and each of those incurs costs.  If you can help, then the communities of Leeds and Bradford will be the better for it.